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Welcome to Vital Spark Acupuncture

Five Element Medicine


Port Orchard, Washington


(206) 973-9255


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About Us

At Vital Spark Acupuncture, we believe that symptoms, acute or chronic, occurring at any level - mind, body or spirit - are your body's attempt at starting a conversation.


With you.

About how to live your best life.

And..... How not to.

In our treatment sessions, we decipher & address the root causes of imbalance in your system. It is common for patients to come seeking relief from physical pain &, after a few treatments, not only experience pain reduction but a whole new outlook on life, as well. 

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(206) 973-9255

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Tessa L.

Emma has the innate ability to nudge someone forward on their healing path. She rapidly connects on a deep level, builds rapport & earned my trust immediately. 

William D.

Working with Emma changed my life! It has been a huge part of building a hard core baseline for my health moving forward.

Jesse B.

Emma is an intuitive healer. She has helped me through a grand transition, specifically surrounding addiction. She lead me into the healing potential of energy work & the importance of a holistic outlook on general health.

Ruth W.

Emma’s confident & calm demeanor reassures me, & her diagnostic ability is the perfect blend of intuitive & studied.

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