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The Embodied 40s Project

I am crazy passionate about helping women know their 40s as a time of incredible personal power & transformation. None of this dried up & almost over the hill business. No way. Not here. More like embrace your wisdom & let your essence shine THROUGH!!! I believe every woman's passage through her 40s should be celebrated & honored. And I created a program/guided journey/deep dive experience to do just that: Threshold: A Rite of Passage


In Threshold, you take stock of your past, gaze forward into your next chapter & integrate both into your now...


The 40s is an in-between decade - not really midlife yet..... but closer than you've ever been before. You still feel like you're 30..... but your body's working a bit differently. And, when you're honest with yourself, your mind & heart are too. 


You are busy with work, family, LIFE. Maybe you're changing careers, changing relationships, caring for aging parents, having a baby, parenting teenagers. 


But something else is stirring in you too. And getting harder to ignore.


A craving to follow your deep passions, to remember what makes YOU tick, that YOU that's been pushed aside, covered up, camouflaged by the roles you play for others & the defining labels you have embraced.  


Welcome to your Threshold Years! Where your biological fertility is waning, your life experience is being alchemized into wisdom & you're kinda clueless about who you'll be in the next half of your life. 


Threshold: A Rite of Passage 
For Women in their late 30s through 40s

Threshold is a an 8 week intensive experience for women in their late 30s through 40s, a rich layer cake of pre-recorded audio, exploration prompts, group calls & 1:1 work with me (if you choose the VIP pathway.) It holds your hand tight while you clear what needs clearing, see what needs seeing, get grip on this moment you are in now & vision into your future. 

It touches on all levels of you - a woman on the cusp of midlife - mind, body & spirit. It demystifies your physiological changes, reframes perimenopause as the coolest time of potential in a woman's life AND guides you on the journey of digging down to your essence.

Turning 40 turned me upside down & inside out. On every level. In a way I hadn't expected. And I know I am not alone. 

Threshold is my offering to you, what I wish was there when I felt like I was floundering. A balm for your spirit, a gentle manual for your body & a sisterhood of peers on the same path. 

Nature is my muse. Chinese Medicine & movement medicine are the bedrock of my professional training. These wisdom threads weave together in Threshold - creating a full body experience for your immersion. 

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